Evernote App Review

Evernote hero_evernote
With the ever-expanding world of business on the go, the busy PR professional relies heavily on trusted mobile apps to keep ideas fresh and tasks organized. With so many apps to choose from, it’s challenging to find the perfect ones that suit your needs. After reviewing Evernote, Dropbox, and Skygrid, I chose Evernote as the top pick for ease of use and the service it provides of enhancing productivity. Evernote is note, document, and data storage app that keeps all relevant information handy for use between participants. Dropbox is a data storage app that allows files to be stored in the cloud that provides ease of retrieval and sharing. Skygrid is a news based app that uses information velocity that not only aggregates news but provides an understanding of what is trending around in the news.


I chose Evernote for its productivity enhancing capabilities. With Evernote the user can collect information from everywhere and merge into a single place. Evernote allows data to be shared and updated amongst the group to ensure all team members are on the same page while working on a campaign. The great thing about Evernote is the ease of use between platforms as it uses cloud technologies to enable what is stored while on the go to be accessible in the office or vice versa and works seamlessly with the iPod platform. It also links to the mobile camera feature in order to save photos of interest to Evernote for inclusion of visual prompts. In addition to the photo feature, Evernote also has a feature for voice recorded notes which make brainstorming easier while on the go.



Evernote offers other compatible apps to add other features to the program. It would be more helpful to incorporate some of these features into the original program instead of having to download multiple programs to increase the usability of Evernote. Programs such as Evernote Hello allow the user to save information about people and acquaintances. This would be a good feature to incorporate into the Evernote platform to add notes on people for certain projects.

Wish App
My ultimate “PR App” would work as a virtual office. It would combine the best features of Skygrid and Evernote. It would enable me to easily find and track what is trending in the news while giving me the organizational tools with Evernote to document and keep track of data relevant to my needs. It would be great to have what I use most incorporated into one app so that not only am I up to date on what is current, I have to tools to notate, store, retrieve, and share data needed in my day to day duties.

By Sean Jerrel