About me

Sean Jerrel is a proven business leader currently based in the Philadelphia/Metro area.  He has worked in an executive level capacity with various degrees of responsibility, streamlining operations and consulting for Fortune 100 companies such as Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Best Buy, CVS and UPS.

In 2011, Sean made a life changing decision to follow his heart and bring his dream of opening an all-inclusive management firm to fruition.  In his early twenties Sean was a freelance music producer and mix engineer while still attending Colorado University where he graduated with a degree in Business Management with a concentration in Finance.  It was at this time that he realized there was a need in the industry for competent management that cared about the client’s long-term growth, development and brand over short-term revenue and/or commissions.

To better prepare himself for the task at hand, Sean made the decision to pursue his Master’s degree in Public Relations.  Sean is currently managing 3 producers and 2 songwriters that have major label credits to their name that he was able to facilitate on their behalf.  He intends to keep integrity and professionalism as the primary focus of his firm as he executes the mantra “We Walk the Talk”.

Sean is currently in the development stages of building his management firm’s brand and online presence.  After graduation he plans to expand and open offices in Miami, Los Angeles and Atlanta.  Sean has professional networking profiles that can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

To contact me please visit jerrelmedia.com or call 323-710-2459.